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Welcome to our gym, where passion, motivation, and community come together to help individuals achieve their best selves. Meet our founder, Christian, a relatable encourager with an inspiring journey that led to the establishment of our thriving fitness community.

A Journey of Resilience
and Self-Discovery

From Entrepreneurship
to Fitness Passion

Expertise Built
through Experience

Building a Community through Faith and Passion

A Bright Future
and Lasting Impact

Welcome to Grand Fitness

Christian embarked on a path destined for the NFL, fueled by a remarkable athletic career as a former collegiate D-1 athlete. However, amidst the challenges brought by the 2020 pandemic, fate redirected Christian's dreams, prompting a deep exploration of personal identity beyond being a college athlete.

Studying Communication Studies during college, Christian recognized the power of effective communication as a crucial life skill, regardless of career choices. This dedication to both academics and athletics earned Christian academic all-conference as well as athletic all-conference accolades.

Driven by determination and guided by faith, Christian fearlessly embraced various entrepreneurial endeavors during this period of self-discovery. From detailing cars during hot summers to selling water, shoes, cutting hair and even selling houses, Christian understood that these experiences were stepping stones leading to a greater purpose in entrepreneurship.

Drawing from years of training in some of the nation's top facilities, Christian possesses a deep understanding of physical performance. While learning from esteemed skills trainers, Christian developed a diverse knowledge base. However, the majority of Christian's expertise was gained through hands-on experience and continuous personal growth.

Our company is built upon a foundation of faith and passion, with the sole desire of empowering individuals to become their best selves. Christian's heart for helping people shines through every interaction, striving to leave each individual in better shape than they were before.


An unwavering commitment to community development drives Christian's vision. By working closely with children, Christian believes in investing time and energy in nurturing young minds who will carry on a legacy of personal development and inspire others.

Christian's future plans include positively impacting the community, fostering a support network that stems from the joy and fulfillment experienced within our gym. By creating an environment that enriches lives, Christian aims to inspire others to contribute to a better community and world. Christian envisions becoming a long-term staple in the community, serving as a trusted partner on each individual's fitness journey.


Beyond the gym, Christian finds joy in being spiritually present in every moment and cherishes time spent with family. In Christian's free time, you can often find them riding their bike, enjoying the simple pleasures of life.


We encourage you to reach out to Christian through social media, phone, or email for any assistance or guidance on your fitness journey. Christian is ready to help you unlock your potential and achieve your goals.


Welcome to our fitness community, where we are dedicated to transforming lives one step at a time. Let's embark on this journey together!

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Christian Gibson, Director

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